In a effort to give back to our community we have chosen DORCAS ministries to partner with to accomplish that goal. Here is how you can help should you choose:

  • Participate in a charity raffle
  • Provide canned goods for the food pantry
  • Donate usable clothing and household goods
  • Volunteer time at Dorcas shops or food bank
  • Make a cash donation
  • Work with the crisis ministry

Each game we will have a BROWNS bucket to deposit food items in.  They will be taken to Dorcas on Monday morning.   Below is a note from Dorcas and what they need most.

The Dorcas Food Pantry has seen a 30% uptick in food demand the last few months and the shelves are running bare. Can you please help?

The most needed items are:

  • baking items
  • cereal
  • vegetable soup
  • mixed veggies
  • pinto beans
  • canned fruit
  • applesauce
  • pasta meals
  • canned chicken
  • beef stew

The Dorcas Pantry is the food-bank designated pantry for residents of Cary and Morrisville and serves over 3,500 residents a year– many of whom are children. We thank you for your loving help for those less fortunate in our community.